DREAM AWAY Update 03-24-2012


This update is an unscheduled update due to an unscheduled event. I found out this past Thursday that I am being laid off from my present position. Not good news on several levels! The customer for whom we work has decided not to renew the contract for the JAMES ROBERT. March 31st is our last day of work for this particular customer. Obviously, the timing is not good, but, since we are so far along in the planning to move DREAM AWAY to Louisiana, we have decided to continue with that as scheduled.

My boss, Jeff, has kindly continued his offer to let me keep DREAM AWAY at the Coastal Crewboats dock in Delcambre, Louisiana. He also said he would be trying very hard to get the JAMES ROBERT back under contract, but in the meantime, he would use me as a Relief Captain and for "spot" jobs. These are jobs that might be two days or a month in duration, but they would not be contract positions.

So, another page is turning for the crew of DREAM AWAY. I would still like to work for the remainder of this year, if possible. I will be looking for another position once I get DREAM AWAY to Louisiana, unless by some good fortune the JAMES ROBERT is back under contract!

The next big update will be at the end of the passage from Georgetown, SC to Morgan City, Louisiana. In the meantime, I have a couple of small updates on changes that I have done to the web page.

I added a link in the Government Sites section of the Links web page to go to "Notice To Mariners" online.

I added a link in the Marinas and Yacht Clubs section of the Links web page to reflect the addition of the Red Frog Beach Marina.

I added a link in the Vendors and Marine Products section of the Links web page to add a couple of venders, including Spade Anchors.

I added some information in the Mechanical Equipment and Engine Details section of the About DREAM AWAY web page about the pump handles for the Edson Manual Bilge Pump that we have on board.



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