Dream Away Update 03-13-2010


Finally, an update with some new information and pictures. We are in French Cay Harbour, Roatan, The Bay Islands of Honduras. We have been here over a week. Four of the five boats in our flotilla are leaving French Cay Harbour tomorrow and heading east to Port Royal, also on the island of Roatan. The weather is not favorable for the planned trip to Guanaja. Perhaps we can go there later in the week. The fifth boat is still awaiting repairs. You can read about their fun during the passage from Guatemala at Rio Dulce to Guatemala

Check out the updated Maintenance Log

Check out our trip to Merida, Mexico, which we visited while we were docked in Isla Mujeres

Check our our visit to Placencia, Belize, made at the end of last year.

I hope to get all of the information concerning our visit to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, out in the next update. Also, if you are very lucky, I hope to get the information and pictures of our two month stay on the Rio Dulce onto this site.

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