Dream Away Update 02-28-2010


This is not the update I had hoped it would be. I have done a lot of work on the web page but it is not ready as yet.

We have been two months here on the Rio Dulce, and the time has just flown by. A lot of time has been spent in retirement mode, and also working on the boat. I have also spent time helping out friends with their boats getting them ready to cruise.

Well the news is we are leaving the Rio Dulce. We have a weather window that looks very favorable. We will be leaving Monkey Bay Marina today, then anchoring in Monkey Bay for the night. Tomorrow morning, March 1st, we will weigh anchor and head down to Texan Bay Marina which is at the east end of the El Golfete. We will spend the night in the marina. Tomorrow afternoon we will take the marina's launcha down to Livingston, Guatemala, where we will check out of the country, dated March 2nd.

On the morning of the 2nd of March, we will go down the Rio Dulce gorge, and cross over the bar at Livingston between 0700 and 0900. After we cross the bar, we will head straight for the Bay Islands of Honduras. If the weather holds as it is predicted, we should arrive in French Harbor, Roatan, Honduras the afternoon of the 3rd of March.

This will be our first visit to Honduras, so do not know what to expect of Internet service. As soon as we get some service we will send out an update. We have several friends who live in the Bay Islands, and they all have Internet service, so we should be OK.

We will be sailing in company with Nicola and Noel who will be on their yacht Tantalus. We will be meeting up with friend Paul on Serenity in the Bay Islands. Paul is already there.

We will be using the SPOT, so yo can keep track of us by checking this URL: http://www.dreamaway.net/where_is_dreamaway.html



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