Dream Away Update 02-06-2011


Finally getting an update out. I was able to get three months of my Maintenance Log on the web page. I still have more to do, but this is a start. The Maintenance Log Can be seen here: Maintenance Log They are November, December and January.

I was keeping a written Maintenance Log, but changed to the electronic log so I could upload it to the web page. I hope to get the remainder of the written log up on the web as soon as possible.

Our original plan was to leave Monkey Bay Marina yesterday, and cross the bar at Livingston on the 8th of February. Due to weather and the fronts coming down from the Gulf of Mexico, we decided to delay our departure. We will be leaving Monkey Bay Marina on February the 8th, and probably crossing he Livingston bar on Friday the 11th of February or Saturday the 12 of February. This should put us arriving into Utila in the Bay Islands of Honduras this coming weekend.

After we leave Monkey Bay Marina, we will be out of email contact for about a week, until we get our broadband modem for Honduras working. If you want to "see" where we are, please look on the web page here: Where Is Dream Away.

We are looking forward to getting this adventure under way, and I will be keeping you updated with regular Dream Away Updates. As always if you see any problems or issues with the web page please let me know!!



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