DREAM AWAY Haulout, March 2003

This may seem strange that I am putting in a section concerning a haulout in 2003 late in 2004, but I wanted to explain all that was accomplished during this haulout. The bad part is that I do not have pictures of everything that was done during that time.

The goals for this haulout were many and all of them were accomplished. It was a very busy two and a half weeks, The surveyor, Jay Stormer, also did his part of the survey that was necessary with the boat out of the water. The goals were to replace the propeller shaft and install the Norscot drip less shaft seal. I also replaced the cutlass bearing on the shaft. I wanted to replace the zincs on the rudder pintles, and the wires connecting them. I also wanted to replace all of the underwater seacocks with new bronze full port flanged seacocks. The boat still had the original tapered type seacocks, that were wearing out. I wanted to raise the waterline 1.5 inches. I wanted to really clean out the bilge, and last to grind off the fiberglass lip on the wooden hatch bases so that I could install the new aluminum hatches.

The only extra item that came up was when I was replacing the zincs on the pintles, I decided to replace all of the rudder pintle bolts. Some of the bolts were showing signs of corrosion, so I am glad that they were replaced. The prop was in great shape, so no extra work was needed there.

Coming out of the water in the Haul out slip

Out of the water

Moving to the Blocking area #1

Moving to the Blocking area #2

Bow, before power wash

Preparing to block up the boat

Indio, travel lift driver at South Texas Yachts

Port side engine inlet and cockpit drain

Lower Pintle and zinc before wash

Port side lower pintle before wash

Port side upper pintle before wash

Rudder and Prop before wash

Propeller and pintles before wash

New zinc on lower pintle

New bolts and wire on upper pintles

Zinc wire attachment to inside of hull

New zincs and new pintle bolts