Hurricane Claudette At Watergate

As I mentioned under the Vessel Re-rig Project, we were delayed in getting started because of hurricane Claudette. As you will see from the pictures, we had a major clean up of our office to finish before we could get into the re-rig project. I also mentioned that I had a master rigger, Steve Meidell, fly down to help with the re-rig project, he was also a great help on the office cleanup.

Hurricane Claudette made landfall in the state of Texas, as a catagory 1 hurricane, on July 15 of 2003. It was the first hurricane of the season. Claudette made land fall south of us. This means with the hurricane anti-clockwise rotation, the storm surge was north of the land fall. Sure enough, all of the water backed up into Galveston Bay and Clear Lake. The water level was around 4-5 feet above normal. The pictures I took were all after the water had dropped about a foot.

In some of the pictures, you will notice that the water has in fact dropped. You will be able to see trash lines left when the water dropped. You will also notice lines along the doors in our office where the water left a small line of trash.

Pier 9B is where we used to keep Dream Away, and our friends from England, Nicola and Noel used to keep their boat. Pier 25 is very close to Dream Away Park, and our friends Jimmy and Barbara keep their boat, Phantom. In fact Dream Away Park is part of Pier 25. South Texas is the yard in Watergate, where a lot of boats in the area get work done. The Peak Office that we refer to is where Kitty had her company offices before she retired. The name of the company was, Peak, Inc. We also operated Tropical Breeze Marine Services out of the same offices.

Pier 9B Ramp From Fixed Pier To Floating Pier

Pier 9B Telephone Box Underwater

Fixed Pier In Front Of 9B Underwater

Pier 25 With Phantom Floating Comfortably

Water Covering South Texas Boat Yard

Trash Line Near South Texas Boat Yard

Front Door of Peak Office, Looking In

Yard In Front Of Peak Office

Peak Office Back Porch

Peak Office Side Porch

Walkway To Dream Away Park

Pier On Left Side of Dream Away Park

Pier On Right Side Of Dream Away Park

Dream Away Park Looking West

Dream Away Park Looking East