Blender Blaster/Birthday Present Pictures

These pictures are of the Captain's new birthday present. This device, The BlenderBlaster, will be the perfect item for beach parties. It is powered by a Poulan weed eater engine, and needs no electricity. These pictures were the test run to verify that the complete concept works.

The Birthday Present has Arrived

The Birthday Box is Open

The Birthday Box Has Packing Removed

The Present In Full View

The Present showing Starter Rope

Fueling Up The Blaster

Getting The Test Setup

First Start With No Container

Blaster Test With Just Water

Add The Bananas

Add The Bacardi Mix

Add The Rum

Add The Ice

Start the Blaster

Mixin The Daiquiri

Gettin The Daiquiri Whipped Up!

Checking The Mix

Tasters Arriving

Pouring The Results

Pouring The Second Glass

We Be Jammin

Equipment Check